Friday, April 29, 2011

Mickey and Minnie 1st Birthday

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are fun first birthday party themes. The Mickey Mouse partyware is blue for boys, and the Minnie Mouse is pink for girls.

There is a Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday party theme for boys that has a large 1 on it, clearly making it a 1st birthday theme. There's also a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st birthday package; it uses the standard Mickey Mouse Clubhouse partyware plus a molded number 1 candle and balloons with a 1 on them.

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st Birthday package is also useful for girls, as well as the Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday theme that is clearly designed for celebrating a little girl's first birthday.

You can order Mickey and Minnie first birthday partyware as a party pack, as individual items, or a combination of both. If you have boy-girl twins, you can get some of each theme (pink, blue) for a coordinated yet individualized celebration.

There's a Mickey Mouse cake pan you could adapt for Minnie if you have a little girl, and there are high chair decorations, standups, and party activities for each theme.

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Note: All themes shown were available at the time of this posting.

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